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Rave Buster - The Digital Movement

Beitragvon Rave Busterz » 7. Januar 2014, 20:19

"... Hey friends, I start relaxing in the year 2014 and grant me to April a creative break! Following the release of the new album -HARDMINMAL- released in Dezember 2013. In April 2014, I start with a new audiohardware and new PC software under the slightly altered name RAVE BUSTER ... without Z with new productions and work on the new album -THE DIGITAL MOVEMENT-. The next album release is near in end of the year 2014 appears on the Only'Online Label FUEGO. A new LOGO for the name RAVE BUSTER we will draw. So rejoice more until then you hear my last album HARD MINIMAL. You found this this HARDMINIMAL production on the SoundCloud and YouTube profile of 112 media for free listening! Greetings and ONE LOVE to Respect. DiamXL aka the one and only RAVE BUSTER...!"

See you in 2017!
Rave Busterz
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